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Savant Creative - an n-Gon Group facet

As our name implies, we’re in the creative industry, providing complete solutions to your branding, graphic design and web design needs. What we have is over forty years’ experience, a passion for what we do and total understanding of the full and complete process from concept through to final production.

What we don’t have is an ivory tower with vast amounts of useless space that our clients end up paying for or a large board room for endless meetings about meetings.

What we do is get down to business – Time is money and we believe our clients would much rather have their project completed with quality, in a timely manner and at rates that don’t include paying for our teams lifestyle.


Brand Design

Good, strong branding will remain with your customers and give you an edge.


Graphic Design

What is the one thing that will set our clients apart from their competitors?


Web Design

Should be capable of standing and competing on the global stage.

Extraordinary performance and outstanding quality are not always a function of price!