Websites are a practical and integral part of marketingpromotion and selling in todays competitive business environment.

It should also be an extension of your overall brand !

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Your website should be both visually appealing, yet informative and conform to the accepted practices and norms of the web industry, including full compliance with the various search engines and web browsers.

We believe a website, by its sheer nature, should be capable of standing in a global market place and not limited to a defined locale and must be designed to reflect the professionalism of the entity it is intended to promote.

Your website should be a continuation of your branding and should reflect the look and feel of your printed material. Not implementing your brand consistency diminishes the overall company brand image. Your website is to all intents and purposes, an electronic brochure and should be seen to be part of your business.

Savant provide four core website formats. These include Static (HTML/PHP), CMS (Content Management System), Networking (Visitor Membership and Interaction) and Catalogue (Interactive Flipping Book) - all of which are eCommerce  capable. We can assist in determining best option for your requirements.


What use is a website unless optomised for search engines? For us Search Engine Optomisation is part of the website build.


We provide our own hosting of our clients websites and it is simple, just two options, database driven or non-database driven (depending on selected site requirements).


We provide unlimited free POP3 and IMAP email service to our clients when combined with hosting of their website.


Domain name registration and management is provided by Savant, making the entire process of getting a name, website, hosting and email as easy as.

Savant Brand Design

Savant Brand Design  Brand Design

Good, strong branding remains with your customers, making it invaluable.

Savant Graphic Design

Savant Graphic Design  Graphic Design

What is the one thing that will set our clients apart from their competitors?

Savant Web Design

Savant Web Design  Website Design

By its very nature, your website should be capable of standing and competing on the global stage.


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